To consult in all specialties, you need to make an appointment prior. If you arrive / call without a booking, the specialists may not be available to see you then, or you may have to wait a long time to be treated. When calling for an appointment, you will be talking to a Customer Service Officer. They can help you with any additional information or if you need guidance towards a specialty best suiting your conditions. If you need to cancel an appointment, it is advised to call and inform about the cancellation. If the consultation token memo for the booked appointment is not made before 10:30 am, it will automatically be cancelled so that there will be availability for others. During your appointment, your doctor may recommend that you have further treatment, tests or procedures. Often, this means that your doctor will advise you to see a specialist or other healthcare professional. You then need to make further health appointments. Your doctor may also want you to come back for another appointment to talk about your results, outcomes and any ongoing treatment. Make this appointment once you know when your results will be available. Usually, if such results are available on the same day of your appointment, your doctor will see you on the same day. For specialist appointments, please call one of the following numbers; 6620048, 6620333. 6620378 OR please fill up the form below. You will then need to present to LHAH reception and take up a consultation token on the appointment day before going in to meet your doctor.

1448 - HOTLINE