The general surgery department focuses on treatment of injuries, diseases and other disorders through diagnostic, manual and instrumental means to improve bodily function. 

The main goal of our surgery department is to provide proper and efficient medical service to those seeking consultation, examination and care. 

Our current Surgical department can harbour a range of minor and major surgeries performed in our functional operating theatre on both elective and emergency bases. 

Surgical procedures conducted in our hospital include varieties of subcutaneous excision procedures, Appendectomy, Herniotomy, Fistulectomy, Circumcision, Varicocelectomy and Hydrocelectomy. 

A general Surgeon was first employed to LHAH in November 2013 and the service has continued since then with inconsequential interruptions. 

General Surgeons currently employed in our hospital :

Dr. Muhammad Ahmed

General Surgeon 

Joined : 2015

Nationality : Pakistani

License Number : TMR 3169

Dr. Ahmed Zaki Sayed Ahmed Ibrahim

General Surgeon 

Joined : 2021

Nationality : Egyptian

License Number : TMR 4987