Located in the capital of Lhaviyani Atoll, Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital (LHAH) is a government administrated health establishment that serves the island of Naifaru, whole of Lhaviyani atoll and other surrounding atolls.

LHAH is  staffed by a community of committed and highly-trained and skilled people working in a variety of specialty areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest standard of service and care to all patients. We aim to be considerate, courteous and respectful to our patients and their care takers, as well as to each other.


To ensure nation’s participation in attaining excellence in quality health services, in an affordable, equitable and accessible manner leading to a healthy population.


Together as a nation for excellence in health.


Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital (LHAH) was initially established as a small health post on 12th of March 1964. This is proudly the first health institute that was opened for services within the islands except that of the capital. Inauguration of the institution was held by the health Minister at that time, Ahmed Hilmy Didi, a few Medical Officers of WHO, and a nurse of WHO.  A remote and rather gloomy building that the island community used as a food store during the times of World II, served as the first building base for the health centre.

Though the the services and drugs available at that time in no way met the bare minimum demand, initiation of this health institute became a dream come true as well as a ray of hope to this small island community in a chaos. The island had numerous civilians suffering with fevers, skin conditions, diarrhea, vomiting, tuberculosis and leprosy. Death tolls of pregnant women or those that expire following or during child birth was almost in the same range as the number of successful deliveries.

This health centre started with very minimum staff  but took into account overall all classes and categories of work that should be taken into account to improve the overall health of the community. The first health assistants / ofiicers  that served in our health centre were Mr. Mohamed Zakariyya and Mr. Mohamed Ismail. Ms. Mariyam Hussain and Ms. Afeefa Mohamed served as their assistants.

Today, this health centre provides high quality services to the community of Naifaru,  other islands if Lhaviyani atoll and and other surrounding atolls under the name ‘ Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital’ with exceptional developments and a great many increase and improvement in the services offered with a great deal of health staff.

Events Timeline

  • 12th March 1964

    Health post established

  • 10th February 1966

    Quarantine of foreign vehicles started

  • January 1970

    Microscope laboratory tests started

  • 10th June 1972

    First official building established

  • 02nd October 1972

    First first aid session

  • 27th April 1973

    First Vehicle (Speed launch) service started

  • 5th August 1976

    Antenatal Clinic started

  • 15th August 1976

    First IV infusion

  • 21st October 1976

    First school health screening program

  • 15th November 1976

    First local health magazine published

  • 08th March 1977

    First Vaginal delivery

  • 01st June 1977

    Child health clinic started

  • March 1982

    Renamed as Health center

  • 16th December 1984

    New building established

  • December 1986

    First Nurse midwife service

  • 21st January 1988

    First Official Nurse employed

  • 01st April 1988

    First Pharmacy (by STO) established

  • 01st April 1994

    First Medical Officer employed

  • 31st January 1996

    First Laboratory Assistant employed

  • 16th April 2001

    Official Laboratory Services started

  • 16th April 2001

    First Anesthetist employed

  • 30th May 2001

    First Gynecologist employed

  • 07th June 2001

    Operation Theater established

  • 11th June 2001

    Health centre renamed to Lhaviyani Atoll Hospital

  • 28th June 2001

    First Operation (Caesarian Section) carried out

  • 12th December 2002

    Ambulance Services started

  • 14th March 2003

    X Ray Services started

  • 01st January 2004

    Medical records and patient records database implemented

  • 04th January 2004

    New building established

  • 03rd April 2007

    First Pediatrician employed

  • 26th August 2007

    Ultrasound scan services started

  • 20th June 2009

    First Orthopedician was employed

  • 03th October 2011

    First Dentist was employed

  • 05th July 2012

    First Physician employed

  • 10th November 2013

    First Surgeon employed

  • 07th September 2014

    First Physiotherapist employed

  • 08th February 2018

    Thalassemia Screening started

  • 28th July 2018

    New building established

  • 14th December 2020

    Chemotherapy service started

  • 26th August 2021

    First Radiologist was employed