Each ward in LHAH consists of a  group of Hospital Beds with associated treatment facilities managed as a single unit for the purposes of staffing and treatment responsibilities. All patient beds are surrounded with cubicle curtains suspended from the ceiling to provide patients with needed privacy during interactions with health care staff and during family visits. Each ward has shared bathroom / showering facilities.

Patients admitted are under the care of a Medical Officer / Specialist Consultant and will be treated and cared for under their plan. There will be routine 2 visits per day by the medical team per day and additional visits if necessary.  Additionally, a named nurse will be allocated to each patient at the start of every nursing shift to administer your prescribed drugs and provide other needed care. If you have any questions or problems you can express your concerns to these nurses.

Patients can be admitted via OPD or emergency basis.

Observation ward:

This ward is by the side of the Emergency Department and is specialized for  patients who require evaluation and treatment for a period of time, usually a couple of hours.

Some conditions that may require observation include chest pain, dehydration, pain, respiratory difficulties, blood transfusions, and minor infections. Our staff closely monitors the conditions of our patients and streamlines their testing and treatment which may include intravenous fluids, injections,  pain medication and/or antibiotics.

Patients whose conditions improve or can be managed at home will be discharged, along with a plan for appropriate care. Patients whose conditions fail to improve or worsen will be admitted to the hospital for further care.

Gynae ward:

This ward is specialized for women are admitted for a wide range of emergency and elective gynecological surgeries and for some non- surgical gynecological procedures / conditions. Women who has had recent deliveries are admitted along with their newborns.

Pediatric ward:

This ward is specialized for children who are unwell and need round-the-clock care and monitoring

General ward:

General ward is a common ward where patients are admitted for various conditions, that are usually not highly contagious. The ward is equipped with health monitoring systems with one-to-one care assistance for patients as required.  This ward is not specified to gender or the age of any patient.

Isolation Ward: 

This ward is dedicated for patients suffering from highly infectious diseases and those at high risk of acquiring an infection. Several measures are implemented during the care of these patients in order to reduce the spread of infection.